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Its color can range from yellow to very dark brown. These deposits can give the appearance of spots on the gums and are an indication of dental hygienic habits and conditions that lead to gum disease. Proper daily flossing will prevent calculus buildup. If you already have calculus along your gum line, see your dentist right away. 11/03/2014 · Gum recession is the process in which the margin of the gum tissue that surrounds the teeth wears away, or pulls back, exposing more of the tooth, or the tooth's root. When gum recession occurs, "pockets," or gaps, form between the teeth and gum line. We often get this question at Family Dental Care: “I have black lines around my crown, what should I do?” Are you one of those people who are embarrassed to admit they have black lines on their crowns? Well, don’t be. There are now several procedures which can be done to avoid having those ugly lines. Why There’s a Line Around Your Gum Line.

I can see a brownish line along the top of the gum just above the dental bridge, should I be. I have a dental bridge I have noticed on the last tooth towards to back of my mouth I can see a brownish line along the top of the gum just above the bridge this is only on. and see if he can graft new gum tissue over the brown roots that. Gum discoloration can be sign of serious health problems and must be addressed immediately. Healthy gums have a pink color but can be also brown, depending on ethnicity or aging. Gums turning black suddenly might be due to certain medications or periodontal diseases. Learn what causes black gums and how to treat it! 13/09/2019 · brown or black marks near gum line, cavities. between the surface of teeth and the gum tissue it can cause yellow to very dark brown deposits on the gums. A dental examination is very important for correct diagnosis and management of your condition. Do see a dentist. Dark area around bottom of tooth where gum line is. An_224229 posted: I have a dark-brown area around the bottom of my tooth around the gum line. Is this tooth decay? It appears to be only on the outside. Zev Kaufman, DDS responded: Dear Anon_161405: From your description it.

Why is there a black line at the gums with my crown? As you can see on the photo to the right, there is a dental crown on an upper front tooth. In this case, because of an unsightly black line right where the crown meets the tooth, bonding was placed over it. Helpful, trusted answers from doctors: Dr. Sandler on brown stain on teeth near gum: See your dentist to either polish the stains off or discuss restorative options. Stains on your gum line, although usually more difficult to see than other teeth stains, can be very bothersome and create an unsightly outline effect on your teeth. Stains on your teeth at the gum line can be caused by a variety of things, including coffee, soda and cigarettes.

02/04/2008 · I neglected my teeth while I was younger, got a lot of cavities and fillings. I now for the past 5-6 years been taking care of my teeth extremely well. Recently, after nursing two kids, have noticed all around the gumlines of my teeth have brown stains. I recently started a regimine as recommended by my dentist of Crest Pro.

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